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JUCO Session IPA

Scoring high grades in flavor and hoppy taste, JUCO isn’t worried about achieving a lower ABV than our flagship IPA. In fact that’s what a chill summer class is all about. This may be the best 6 beers of your life.

  • ABV / IBU
  • 4.20% / 45.0
  • Hops
  • Columbus, Mosaic, Simcoe, Equinox

Food Pairings

Cuisine (Curried, Thai, Pan Asian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lighter Mexican Fare), Cheese (Nutty: Asiago, Colby, Parmesan), Meat (Burgers, Fish with Spicy Mango Salsa)


Drink at:45°F - 50°F

In a Pint

or Nonic Pint Glass

Juco Can Block
Juco Full Width4 Bw

Imagine these cans, but ice cold.

Gpbc Bearded CanGpbc Hitchhiker CanGpbc Denim CanGpbc Muchacho CanGpbc Ipa CanGpbc Snake CanGpbc Urban CanGpbc Brown CanGpbc Cos CanGpbc Juco CanGpbc Pale Ale CanGpbc Mumbai Can