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We believe great beer is brewed for great conversations.

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There’s a moment of recognition when you taste a truly great beer. And it’s revisited with every sip. There’s a lot that goes into that moment. But we believe how we brew our beer — with quality, consistency, and an obsessive focus on quality — isn’t nearly as important as how you enjoy it. Great beer is meant to be set down on a tabletop and overshadowed by conversation, friends, family. And every glass is an invitation.

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A genuine belief in being genuine.

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We may the oldest and largest brewery in the state, but we don't put on airs. We’ve found that it’s usually the most unassuming person in the room who truly knows their craft. Because making something great is hard work. But being good is really pretty simple, and always easy to spot.

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good people.

In the South, when someone is genuine, honest, and caring, they’re called “good people.” That’s who we keep in mind when we’re crafting our beer—the kind of humble, caring, and respected folks we grew up with.

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