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Urban Farmer

A farmhouse ale as drinkable as it is floral. Subtle aromas of banana and lemongrass mix with a spicy Belgian yeast to yield a true bounty of deliciousness. Blink and you’ll need another one. 

  • ABV / IBU
  • 5.60% / 15.0
  • Hops
  • Willamette

Food Pairings

Cuisine (Rustic French, Thai, Middle Eastern), Cheese (Creamy, Bloomy, Ripened Goat Cheese; Funky Cheeses, Italian Taleggio), Meat (Poultry, Beef, Rich Fish)


Drink at:40°F - 45°F

In a Classic Tulip Glass

Can Block Urban
Us4 A7300 2 Bw

Imagine these cans, but ice cold.

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