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Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Known to fans simply as C-O-S, our Coffee Oatmeal Stout delivers a big coffee taste followed by a wallop of Willamette hops. Complex and flavorful, yet amazingly sessionable. As tasty with a meal as it is for dessert. 

  • ABV / IBU
  • 5.70% / 51.2
  • Hops
  • Columbus, Willamette

Food Pairings

Cheese (Earthy: Camembert, Fontina), General (Chocolate, Dessert), Meat (Shellfish, Smoked Meat)


Drink at:50°F - 55°F

In a Nonic Pint Glass

Can Block Cos
Gp 2014 J Bw

Imagine these cans, but ice cold.

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